Our Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy

Through positive academic and social learning opportunities and an educational learning environment that meets the specific learning needs for all, Another Choice Virtual Charter School seeks to make a lasting change in their students by providing a higher quality of life, now and in the future.


Another Choice Virtual Charter School seeks to provide a safe, individualized standard’s based education for Idaho’s students, K through 12, with and without disabilities, to enable them to meet their full potential both intellectually and socially. Our focus is to offer individualized education for all, specializing in individuals with learning differences, to become full and actively contributing members of society through a virtual and experiential format.

Another Choice Virtual Charter School is built on

  • Academic achievement,
  • Development of social competence,
  • Post-secondary preparedness,
  • And the development and advancement of student’s technological skills.


Together with technology, rigorous academics, and highly qualified teachers, Another Choice Virtual Charter School strives to be Idaho’s model virtual school offering students the utmost in educational quality for an individualized flexible education that prepares Idaho’s future citizens for career and/or college readiness.

Educational Philosophy

Another Choice Virtual Charter School meets every student at their current level and seeks to develop their skills based on their individualized learning path. Another Choice Virtual Charter School feels that an educated student is someone who has exceptional character; academic prowess; social competence and independent thinking skills.