• ACVS complies with Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA).  Under that Act ACVS monitors students as applicable to ensure they succeed.  ACVS uses a variety of liaisons to ensure that, such as our McKinney-Vento liaison or our Foster Care liaison.  Please contact your advisor or our administrator if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Title 1 - At ACVS we offer a “School Wide Title 1 program.” Title I is designed to help students served by the program to achieve proficiency on State academic achievement standards. Our programs use instructional strategies based on scientifically based research and implement parental involvement activities. Please contact your student’s teacher or advisor if you have questions. 

  • Bilingual Education - At ACVS we support our English language learners (ELLs) through a single point of contact in order to facilitate a successful educational experience for our students.  We work very hard with many students and their families using multiple languages by using a number of instructional programs to improve the quality of education for all our ELL students. If you feel you would benefit from this program please contact your teacher or advisor for assistance. 

  • Special Education / 504 Services - ACVS offers a full range of special education and accommodation services based on the need of the student.  We want your student to be fully successful in their education and at times this requires extra intervention.  If you feel your student requires Special Education or a 504 Accommodation Plan and they are not currently receiving that please contact your advisor or teacher for assistance.