Governing Board Trustees

ABOUT ANOTHER CHOICE VIRTUAL CHARTER SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES:   Another Choice Virtual Charter School’s governing board consists of six trustees. The role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that the charter school is responsive to the values, beliefs and priorities of the school community it serves. Trustees fulfill this role by performing five major responsibilities:


  • Provide community leadership as advocates for the children at ACVS.

  • Set direction through the establishment of an effective and efficient structure by developing policies and protocols for the governance of the charter school.

  • Establish education philosophy, goals, and objectives for the instructional program for the charter school.

  • Identify financial priorities for the charter school.

  • Ensure accountability.

These five responsibilities represent core functions that are so fundamental to a charter school system of accountability to the public that they can only be performed by a governing body. Authority is granted to the board as a whole, not each member individually. Therefore, board members fulfill these responsibilities by working together as a governance team with the superintendent, principal, and our talented teachers and staff to:

  • Assure that Another Choice Virtual Charter School students have the opportunity to actively participate in a rigorous academic environment aligned to Idaho State standards and enriched with experiential and engaging activities to develop social and technological skills that can be fully incorporated into lifelong, post-secondary education, or career goals. 

  • Sustain financial security of the charter school, while utilizing available resources to their highest potential and best use.

  • Work together to provide the vision, resources, advocacy, leadership, and accountability in a transparent, respectful, and collaborative manner to help students, their parents, and their teachers increase student achievement.

  • Recognize the talents, devotion, and extraordinary efforts of all charter school employees.

  • Partner and collaborate with others who believe in student achievement and success, while distinguishing Another Choice Virtual Charter School as a leader in the Treasure Valley.




Jonathan Wheatley


Name: Jonathan Wheatley


Term: 2022-2025

Education: Bachelor of Science in Health Science, Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation, Juris Doctor

Career: Attorney at Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP in Boise, Idaho

About Me: I was born and raised in the Boise Metro area. I am currently an associate in the law firm Hawley Troxell’s transactional practice group. I have experience in contract drafting and review, healthcare regulatory compliance, business negotiations, taxation, and intellectual property.

I completed my M.S. in Accounting and Taxation at Boise State University and J.D from the University of Idaho College of Law in 2021. I served as the Editor In Chief for the Idaho Law Review where I was responsible for all Law Review operations and publications. During law school, I also served as an in-house counsel extern at St. Luke’s Health System. Additionally, I acted as a Research Assistant for the American Business Law Journal.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking Mexican food, hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, going to the gym, and rock climbing.

Claudia Frent

Vice Chairperson

Name: Claudia Frent


Term: 2022-2025

Education: Sawyer College 1997, Sacramento, California; Central Gwinnett High School 1993, Lawrenceville, Georgia

About Me: I was born in Timisoara, Romania. I am one of three children. We immigrated to the United States in 1982. I was six years old when my family came to the United States. After coming to the United States, I lived in Florida until I turned 16. We then moved to Georgia and I graduated from Central Gwinnett High School. After High School, I attended college in California.

In 1999 I got married and started a family of my own. Our first child was born in 2001, and since then our family has grown. We have four children, two girls, and two boys. My husband and I are small business owners. We have owned and operated Frents Tile and Marble in Idaho since 2006.

I was the Director of the Nampa Christians Childcare and Summer Program from 2008 to 2014. I enjoyed working with many different age groups. My time at Nampa Christian was filled with purpose and it was very fulfilling. I planned many exciting field trips and activities for the students. They became a big part of my life. Many of my students have graduated high school or will graduate this year. I enjoy working with students and enjoyed homeschooling my own children at different points in their lives.

I am also very active in our local community. I believe it is important for us to get involved at a local level. We live in the greatest country in the world. Although some may take that for granted, I do not. Having immigrated to the United States from Communism. I understand that it is very easy to lose the freedoms we enjoy. Many people around the world would trade places with any one of us in a heartbeat. I look forward to serving the students, parents, and community.

Tom Anderton

Name: Tom Anderton


Term: 2022-2025

Education:  K-11 

About Me: I am 67 years old, born again Christian, and married to my bride for over 45 years. I’m also the father of two adult children, three grandchildren and happily retired. Two years ago I found my role as grandparent expanding to also include the role of father, when our 15 year old granddaughter came to live with us. I’m very grateful that she was able to be assisted by ACVS last summer to get caught up so that she was ready to start her junior year. I believe there are many reasons a child’s ability to learn and retain can be compromised, but no matter the deficit it can be overcome with enough love, patience, expertise and commitment. I believe I’ve seen all of that demonstrated at ACVS. 

I worked for 40 years in the automotive sales industry. Started as a salesman and by my late twenties had worked my way to General Manager over several new car franchises with one of the largest automotive dealer groups in Northern California. It was there that I eventually became a new car franchise owner/operator in 1988, by age 34. Even though I didn’t complete my public education I have been a dedicated life long learner on subjects far beyond my industry requirements. I’ve never been ok with settling for the status quo but have always strived for growth. In fact I’ve learned to embrace and enjoy change both professionally and personally. As a result of my industry knowledge I also spent a significant amount of time educating and guiding others in their own career paths. I found that to be one of my most personally satisfying professional endeavors. For me it is very gratifying to know you are helping others achieve more than they thought themselves capable of becoming. 

I have an analytic nature and have found myself drawn to problem solving inside my industry and outside of it over the years. I try to be the voice of encouragement with others. I believe words matter and want to be remembered as the man who spoke “life” into others. I am optimistic by nature and would classify myself as a “glass half full” kind of guy. Because of my faith I am a firm believer in the old adage, “you’ll catch a lot more flies with honey than gall,” so treating people of all statues with respect is very important to me. I’m reserved by nature in an unfamiliar environment but I can be very blunt if the situation calls for it. I also tend to be a note taker. The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory.

Todd Joyner


Name: Todd Joyner


Term: 2022-2025

Education:  A.A. in General Studies/Political Science from Ricks College, 1986 B.A. in Political Science from Utah State University, Magna Cum Laude 1988 Certificate in Public Administration JD degree Brigham Young University 1991

Career:  Attorney/Independent Contractor at Skaug Law for the last 16 years

About Me:  I was born in Whittier California.  My father was a brakeman/conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad and my mother was a stay-at-home mom.  My parents moved to a five acre homesite in  Nampa, Idaho when I was in the sixth grade, and I have been grateful ever since.  I had the opportunity to hunt, fish and raise animals when I was playing baseball or some other sport at school.  I graduated from Nampa High School in 1981.  

I attended Ricks College for a year before serving an LDS Mission to Christchurch New Zealand from 1982-1984.  After I got back from New Zealand I spent most of my time going to school and working various summer jobs to pay for school.  I learned my life lessons working in slaughterhouses and landscaping in-between semesters at school.

I met my wife Misty in Boise while home for the summer in-between my 2nd and 3rd years of law school.  We were married in the Idaho Falls Temple in 1992.  She is the fun person who likes to travel.  I am the one who prefers to stay home and work in the garden.  All the exciting travel stories are due to her encouragement.  We have four adult children.  Josh, Emily, Zachary and Easton.  While they were growing up my wife went back and earned her Masters Degree at Northwest Nazarene University in Education and Curriculum and currently teaches kindergarteners on line for the Nampa School District.  I have been a practicing lawyer for 30 years.  I began my career with the Ada County Prosecutor's office and eventually found myself at Skaug Law.  

My desire to serve on the Another Choice Charter School stems from the experience my youngest child Easton had while attending there.  He struggled at a traditional school and he found himself at home at Another Choice.  I cannot say enough good things about the experience both he and my wife and I had by him attending there.  I want to help ensure that other parents who may have children who don’t fit into the traditional school mold have the same opportunity my child had to excel.  A strong education is paramount to a successful life, no matter what you may choose to do for a career.  Each child deserves the tools necessary to create the best life possible for them.

John Kelleher

Name: John Kelleher

Trustee Contact:

Term: 2022-2025

Education: 1968 BS Education U of ID, 1971 MS School Psychology U of OR, 1973 PhD Educational Psychology U of OR. 

 About Me: Idaho native, born in Twin Falls, grew up on a small farm. I served six months in the National Guard my senior year of high school and then enlisted in the Navy. I spent three and a half years as a Sonarman on a destroyer based out of San Diego California looking for submarines and listening to whales, porpoises and other sea life. I enrolled in the University of Idaho the fall of 1963, and married my sweetheart, Naida, that December. In the fall of 1969 I transferred to the University of Oregon to complete a Masters in School Psychology. During this time our two daughters were born. As I was finishing the School Psychology program I was given the opportunity to work towards a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. Upon completing the program I spent two years with the Butte County school Service Program, and five years with the Regional Program for the Deaf based in Portland Oregon. At which time my family chose the wide-open spaces of Idaho over Portland city life and we moved to southwest Idaho. I worked thirteen years for the Canyon-Owyhee School Service Agency, and thirteen years with the Emmett School District before retiring in 2006. During this time, I was active in the Idaho Association of School Administrators and served as the Special Education representative on the Professional Standards Committee. In retirement I spent three years testing students in three small southwest Idaho school districts on an as needed basis. After that I spent some time over the next four years helping develop an assessment program for the Kunming International Academy in Kunming, China where our son-in–law taught science courses. In retirement my activities have included being involved in our grandchildren’s activities, hunting, fishing, and camping.


Ruth Kropp

Name: Ruth Kropp,

Trustee Contact:

Term: 2022-2025

Education: Evergreen State College 1978, BA, Psychology/Counseling  NNU, Habilitative Intervention Continuing Education Certification Credits Nampa High School; 1972 graduation 

About Me: I was born in Minot, North Dakota.  I am the 3rd of 4 children in my family. In 1960 we moved to Spokane, Washington where I attended elementary and junior high school. In 1968 my father opened a new branch of his business in Nampa. I attended Pacific Lutheran University and Evergreen State College graduating 1978. Throughout high school and college I worked summers lifeguarding and teaching swimming. Poolside is where I met my husband Harold, we have been married 44 years. I explored many fields of study while completing my degree but found myself most fulfilled in the helping profession. During my junior and senior years I had the opportunity to intern at Western State Hospital working with the criminally insane. That experience exposed me to a severely mentally disabled group of people and has impacted me throughout my life. After graduation we continued to live in Washington state where I was employed as a youth director at The Church of Living Water.  During that time my husband and I led a vibrant group of high school students. I was able to counsel students, families and women while working in our home church. In 1982 we returned to Idaho! After moving back I had various jobs. I worked at Caldwell High with students who were eligible for 504 accommodations. I also had the opportunity to work as a doctor’s aide in a family medical clinic. We then were blessed with the gift of our son Sam! Once he came into our lives I was fortunate to be a full time mother.  My husband has been self employed for his entire career. I was our bookkeeper and enjoyed all that goes with running a business and home. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my Bernese mountain dog, Ivy. Mountain biking, camping, skiing and gardening are some things I enjoy. I was a member of the Bogus Basin volunteer ski patrol for 10 years, I also was a mountain bike patroller at Brundage for a few seasons. I competed in conformation with my dog as a new hobby until the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m currently training her in draft (pulling a cart) and hopefully we will title in that dog sport but anytime working with her is a pleasure. I retired from Advocates for Inclusion (AFI)  in 2016, while there I was a supervisor and trainer helping and supporting paraprofessionals to implement programs, track data and write relevant narratives. When providers  were staffed within schools I supported and collaborated with them in their roll as educational partners to develop techniques and strategies to increase their effectiveness in supporting their assigned student(s) in the academic areas, I also supported, assisted and strategized with paraprofessionals and professionals during episodes of escalated behaviors. During the summer months, I planned the summer program for all the clients served by Advocates for Inclusion. Our goal as a team was to provide enriching experiences and opportunities through activities, field trips, guest presentations and physical activities. It was my pleasure to work with therapist and clients through my years at AFI. After retirement my husband and I enjoyed some RV adventures, we spent 2 months at Honeyman State Park being park hosts. We met people from all over the US and the world. We spent another 2 months in Arizona and enjoyed daily bike commutes across the reconstructed London Bridge in Lake Havasu. And several trips to visit family and friends. For the past 3 years I have been working part time as a barista at the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa. I want to continue serving on the Another Choice Board of Trustees because I believe in what this school offers to students and families. I have been working with Another Choice since it was a pilot program, I continued to be there daily working with the therapist staffed as Ed Partners until my retirement in April  2016. It is my hope that we will continue to grow and improve as a board, that will have the opportunity to continue serving the students and families that have chosen this school.