Enrollment Information


ACVS uses PowerSchool Registration to enroll students.  Our first step is called the "Initial Application."

Please complete the Initial Application.  Please be aware that filling out the initial application is the start of the enrollment process, so that does not mean you are enrolled in our school. 

We accept applications and move students into our school when we have an opening.  It is best for students to continue with their previous schools until they are assured a spot. Currently there is no waiting list so enrollment is ongoing.

If you have any questions, please contact our main office at 208-475-4255.   

Spanish Families

Spanish-speaking families can fill out our Registration Packet available here(Paquete de Registro). Your student(s) will then go on the waiting list if we currently have one.


Prior to final enrollment, you will also need to fill out the following forms:

  1.  Home Language Survey (This form needs to be filled out only upon entry to our school and when, or if,  there is a change.)

  2. New and Returning Student Survey, (this combines the Income Determination Form and the ACVS Home Residency Survey in one easy form for you to fill out.)

  3. *The official Income Determination Form and the ACVS Home Residency Survey are also available separately in hard copy form from the Nampa Front desk if desired. However, filling out the New and Returning Student Survey prevents the need for turning in hard copies of those forms. 


In the event that ACVS is at the maximum of enrolled students a waiting list will be maintained and a lottery will be conducted. For the 2022-2023 school year the lottery will be held on June 10th 2022. The lottery will only be conducted if we are at maximum enrollment. ACVS has implemented grade level capacities for the 2022-2023 school year. Click here to learn more.


Thank you!  We hope to be able to enroll your student in our school as soon as possible.