ACVS uses PowerSchool Registration to enroll students.  Our first step is called the initial application, please click on the link to answer the questions within that initial form.  Please be aware that filling out the initial application is basically getting on our waiting list, so that  does not mean you are enrolled in our school.  We take applications and move students into our school when we have an opening.  It is best for students to continue with their previous schools until they are assured a spot.  

If you have any problems please contact our main office at 208-475-4255.  Prior to final enrollment you will additionally need to fill out the following forms: 

   Home Language Survey (This form needs to be filled out only upon entry to our school and when, or if,  there is a change.)

   New and Returning Student Survey, (this combines the Income Determination Form and the ACVS Home Residency Survey in one easy form for you to fill out.)

*The official Income Determination Form and the ACVS Home Residency Survey is also available separately in hard copy form from the Nampa Front desk if desired, however filling out the New and Returning Student Survey prevents the need for turning in a hard copy of those forms. 

Thank you!  We hope to be able to enroll your student in our school as soon as possible.   

Our Spanish speaking families can fill out the packet available here, they will then go on the waiting list.  Thank you.  Paquete de Registro

Since ACVS uses PowerSchool Enrollment, what does the enrollment process look like during the school year?    The student will fill out the Initial Application to document interest in coming in to our  school and to get on our waiting list.  Once a spot opens our Office staff will send you a link to another application called the "New and Returning Update" that will provide us with more specific information about your student.  Students will complete that form, submit the forms that are required to attend our school, provide us with current transcripts if applicable, and do the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing in Math, English, and Reading.  This helps us to place your student in classes that will maximize their ability to benefit from their academics.  After those parts are done you will have a schedule and have an initial orientation and be officially enrolled!  While that sounds like a lot, once you get the "New and Returning Update" form the process shouldn't take longer than 5 days, and can be completed sooner. 

Since ACVS uses PowerSchool Enrollment, what does the enrollment process look like at the beginning of the year?  Students that attend ACVS will receive an "Intent to Return" form in May.  They will also receive a copy of the "New and Returning Update" at the beginning of the year.  That form may go out during the school year as well to update student information.   All returning students are welcomed and encouraged to come to our Student Orientation that is held annually in mid-August at the Nampa Civic Center.  

What does the enrollment process look like during summer school for students going in to 7th grade through 12th grade? Students that are regular attenders of ACVS and / or other students around the Treasure Valley are welcome to join ACVS for our Summer School.  Once summer school is approved we register students for classes through a Google Doc system.