Covid-19 Updates:

The ACVS board met on Wednesday, August 18 at 4 PM and made the following decisions regarding COVID policies at school facilities. They may revisit this in the future.

  • Be alert for symptoms. If you are sick please do not come into school facilities.

  • Vaccines are encouraged but not required for staff. Staff are required to follow CDC guidelines for quarantining if they are exposed to COVID regardless of vaccination status. If staff are experiencing symptoms they must follow CDC guidelines to quarantine and test before returning to the lab.

  • Masks are optional for staff and students. Please feel comfortable in doing what is best for you.

  • Students will continue to sign up for lab times in three hour increments to mitigate the amount of people in the lab and encourage social distancing. Students can sign up online to reserve a spot or walk in and sign up, however, spots may all be used. Go to this page to sign in.

  • The virtual lab is available Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM. Go to this page to sign up.

  • Clubs are back and will start September 7. Go to this page for more information.

Please refer to the CDC page for the latest information and guidelines. CDC Guidelines.